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About Us

Hojack Park LLC offers many installation, maintenance and repair solutions for your athletic equipment to ensure that it is safe and up to code.


We service and install basic gym equipment such as basketball backstops, bleachers, divider curtains/partitions, batting cages, scoreboards, message centers, volleyball systems, as well as mat racks/hoists and climbing systems.

Inspection Services

Hojack Park LLC conducts periodic inspections of your gym equipment to ensure that bleachers, wall pads, divider curtains/partitions and/or (basketball) backstops are not damaged or malfunctioning.


Many manufacturers require periodic inspections to maintain warranty eligibility.


Inspecting equipment prevents equipment failure and damages and maintenance helps equpment function more effectively.

Contact Us



(585) 207-0755
Hojack Park LLC

650-C Lake Avenue​​

Hilton, New York 14468