Hojack Park LLC offers a wide range of maintenance and repair solutions to ensure that your athletic equipment is safe and up to code, including basic gym equipment such as basketball backstops, gym partitions, batting cages, scoreboards, message centers, volleyball systems, and divider curtains as well as climbing walls, mat racks/hoists and chin up bars.


Services include:

  • Safety Inspections

  • Renovation and Repair

  • Factory Certified Part Replacements

  • Operational Upgrades

Service & Repair

Safety Inspections


Outdated, damaged and/or malfunctioning equipment has the potential for accident liability. Manufacturers often mandate annual inspections to maintain warranty eligibility. Our factory-trained service technician will thoroughly inspect all of your gym equipment; provide safety support and a comprehensive report of any maintenance and/or repairs required with an estimate for parts and labor.





Avoid risk and protect your equipment. Preventative maintenance will keep your equipment code-compliant and functioning efficiently. Our factory-certified service technicians will provide preventative maintenance to ensure your equipment is not at risk.


Repair and Renovation


We will repair and/or renovate your equipment to ensure it meets safety standards and/or restore the overall function and appearance. We will recommend solutions to meet safety codes, revitalize and/or enhance existing equipment.  It is important to make sure that functionality and safety are maintained continuously. We use factory certified replacement parts.